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Analysis of Real Estate Regime in India | Best Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata

Real Estate Regime in India

Real estate refers to land development and building activities related to immovable property. As more companies, corporations, and people move to the cities, the Real Estate Regime in India has experienced significant expansion. Building construction has expanded in tandem with urban population growth. In India, property-related laws are essential for the efficient operation of construction projects […]

The New Advertising Regime in India | Best corporate law firm in Kolkata

Advertising regime in india

One of the most popular strategies for promoting goods, services, brands, campaigns, events, accomplishments, and enterprises, among others, has been advertising. Businesses continuously take use of advertising and marketing possibilities to interact with their customers in fresh ways due to evolving technologies and shifting consumer tastes, particularly in a pandemic-affected world. As a result, advertisers […]

Competition Amendment Bill, 2022 and it’s Impact in India | Best Administrative & Regulatory Law Firm in Kolkata

Competition Amendment Bill 2022

Competition Amendment Bill 2022, tabled during the monsoon session of Parliament, is the first time significant legislative modifications have been suggested in the more than ten years that the Competition Act, 2002 has been in effect. However, several significant revisions and plans are subject to interpretation and may have an impact on how easy it […]