Imran Qureshi Case

The cyber crime case in a nutshell

On 13.04.2022 Imran Qureshi along with 13 others were arrested from an office in Garden Reach. The charges levied on him were that he had conspired to cheat citizens of USA and UK by fraudulent means. The arrested people allegedly impersonated themselves as officers of different reputed company and made VOIP calls which are illegal in India, to dupe foreigners of huge amounts in Dollars and Pounds. The accused also allegedly forged and fabricated electronic records to create fake bank account through different payment gateways. The items seized in the raids were collectively around which included 13 laptops and other electrical gadgets as well as cash worth Rs. 18,35,3500. After interrogating arrest was made because none could provide with satisfactory answers regarding the operation of the call center. Qureshi was taken into police custody and was released on interim bail on 08.06.2022 with the condition that Imran Qureshi and others visit the Police Station once a week for Investigation.

Bail was granted on what basis?

Imran Qureshi was in Judicial Custody till 30.06.22. He was granted bail on 27.06.2022 because all of the other co accused were already released on bail. The Investigation Agency was given enough time of 10 days for interrogation and inspection and any further delay in his release would be gross violence of Article 21 of Indian Constitution. Further, there were Medical reports submitted that stated that Qureshi’s mother was suffering from cancer. And no direct connection could be established between the accused and the alleged crime. Therefore he was released from custodial detention.