Constitutional Litigation

Constitutional Litigation

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Shaine Lex Advisors LLP has been extensively engaged in the resolution of Civil, Criminal, Commercial and Constitutional Law disputes through litigation in Supreme Court of India, various High Courts and several other courts and tribunals in India including litigation relating to banking recovery, Infrastructures contracts, enforcement of commercial contracts, recovery of money, shareholder’s disputes, other commercial and corporate matters, media and entertainment, insolvency, probate, public and administrative, property, securities, trusts and debt recovery, Taxes, Arbitration, Company matters. Shaine lex also advises on settlement negotiation and alternative forms of dispute resolution.

In addition to traditional appellate litigation activities, the Appellate and Constitutional Law group provides a wide range of services on constitutional and related issues that include:

Formulating and briefing new legal arguments in the trial courts to ensure that legal arguments are developed and preserved for appeal Developing and advancing constitutional and policy arguments on proposed legislation and regulations
  • Managing complex litigation
  • Developing novel or complex legal theories, sometimes long before the suit is filed
  • Advising on possible constitutional challenges to statutes and the effects of regulations on proposed transactions or business plans
  • Counseling government entities, allowing them to anticipate legal challenges and to avoid needless litigation

Under this chapter we provide following legal services to our clients, namely:

  • Suits aimed at vindicating constitutional rights through money damages — for example, litigation against the police, prisons, schools, or government agencies — are sometimes called “constitutional torts” or “Section 1983 actions (named for the federal statute that creates the cause of action)

Our strong, high-profile and successful presence before the Court includes appearances on behalf of clients. Our group aims to win each case, but we also seek to address the root causes of your legal difficulties and, if possible, improve the legal, social and policy environments in which your rights will be decided..