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Best Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata

Shaine Lex Advisors LLP is the foremost real estate Property Lawyers & firms in Kolkata, India and works closely with a number of Indian Law Attorneys financers, investors, realtors, corporate and individual developers, stakeholders in both international and domestic markets in all kinds of real estate transactions striving for maximum return with minimum risk exposure. We make our clients aware about applicable laws such as stamp duties and requirements of registration. We also assist our clients in getting licensing and regulatory approvals required from government and statutory agencies. We represent owners, developers, secured lenders, loan participants, government bodies, bondholders, borrowers, landlords, tenants.

We offer specialized services in following areas which makes us a leading real estate law firm in India:

  • Conducting due diligence investigation in a commercial or industrial real estate transaction to discover all material facts and conditions affecting the Property and the transaction
  • Exposition services for registration of properties at sub-registrar offices
  • Rendering service to clients to receive various approvals/permission/licenses from authorities concerned
  • Vetting, conveyance, drafting and interpretation of various types of contracts/annexure such as co-partnership, joint venture, consortium, sale deed, lease deed, general power of attorney, builder buyer agreement, special power of attorney and other legal documents
  • Evaluating and verifying title deeds, conducting title search/title inquiry of properties all over India
  • Handling legal aspects of project sanctioning, housing loan and other types of cases involving mortgage
  • Providing services to overseas clients in fulfilling post-disbursement requirements
  • Recommending clients beyond the basic legal requirements while acquiring, disposing and transferring properties
  • Making risk assessments, advising on the compliance of different environmental laws, obtaining allowance and approvals from the authorities concerned
  • Offering consultation on tax planning related to transactions to bring down tax liability

Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. is the widely acclaimed Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata, that caters to the leading promoters, contractors, developers, investors, project financiers, and various construction companies. We provide top-class and high-quality counseling services to leading Real Estate giants in India. Our highly experienced legal professionals are available 24/7 to advise you.


Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. is highly adept at handling various Real Estate related matters. Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. is the topmost Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata that deals with a number of Real Estate related issues ranging from creation/extinction of securities, undergoing in-depth searches of court records, furnishing reports on titles, and advising clients on their real estate plan and making strategies for them. 


As per popular statistics, the Real Estate sector is the second largest employer in India after the agriculture sector. Hence, its popularity is on the rise so are its complications.  


Who are we? 

We are India’s top-rated and highly acclaimed Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata that consists of lawyers with years of experience in all aspects of property law, real estate acquisitions for the primary purpose of residential and commercial development. We also deal in matters related to housing, SEZs, townships, hospitality, housing that is affordable, information technology, healthcare, and education, industrial parks, and many others. We have earned our reputation as the highly sought Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata that provides top-quality counseling services in real estate matters. We provide services to both Indian and International developers, property owners, government bodies, or agencies to corporate houses like leading Real Estate companies and even the smaller ones. Our client bases also include educational institutions, hotel operators, warehousing and logistics companies, domestic lenders, investors, contractors, financial houses, landholders, and tenants to name a few. 


With a wide client base spread all over India, we, Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. the highly acclaimed Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata provide you world-class services. 


Our scope:-

Our team that is highly efficient has earned the trust of its clients worldwide for its innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. We aim to provide solutions that are problem oriented and can be practically attained. Our solutions are client-oriented as we keep the needs of our clients as part of our topmost priorities.

  • We provide both traditional and modern legal services with regards to Real Estate. We cater to both rural and urban real estate. Our world-class services are available for both rural and urban real estate.
  • We also provide services towards modern real estate that is commercial and involves all debt and equity participation in real-estate. Our highly experienced lawyers are there to guide you throughout your corporate real estate structures starting from tax optimization, funding to the project management and exit strategy. 
  • We also provide services with regards to dispute resolution that includes both regional and multi-jurisdictional litigation and even arbitration.


We, the leading Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata, aim to protect your organization’s reputation and secure your rights to property. We keep your motivation going so that you can grow. Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. is there to serve you for a better tomorrow.


Know our process:-

At Shaina Lex Advisors LLP., we believe in transparency. We believe that you can choose better when you are well informed about us and our client service process. When you go for a Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata, you need to be well-informed about the requirements and criteria of the same. At Shaine Lex Advisors LLP., we offer you a detailed analysis regarding the same.

When you are the plaintiff with regards to civil matters or if you are accused of a civil offense, you can contact us, Our dedicated support team that is always available 24/7 will get in touch with you. You can also visit our office in person. 

As you register with us with a minimum amount you get an appointment with Advocate Rajesh Kshetry. Next, you book your slot as per the availability. 


When you need to consult a Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata that is both top-rated and affordable, there is nothing better than Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. 


Know our respected and Seniormost Advocate Mr. Rajesh Kshetry:-

Advocate Rajesh Kshetry is a renowned lawyer practicing in Kolkata. He is experienced in Real Estate matters and is a trusted Real Estate Lawyer in Kolkata in town. He has prepared various governmental committee reports, coordinated governmental meetings, advised various constituencies, injury-related cases, and has helped his clients receive the required compensations. 


We at Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. provide accurate answers and feasible solutions. With us on board, you have the support of the top Real Estate Law Firm in Kolkata. When you deserve better why not choose the best!