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Constitutional Litigation

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Best Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata

Shaine Lex Advisors LLP has been extensively engaged in the resolution of Civil, Criminal, Commercial and Constitutional Law disputes through litigation in Supreme Court of India, various High Courts and several other courts and tribunals in India including litigation relating to banking recovery, Infrastructures contracts, enforcement of commercial contracts, recovery of money, shareholder’s disputes, other commercial and corporate matters, media and entertainment, insolvency, probate, public and administrative, property, securities, trusts and debt recovery, Taxes, Arbitration, Company matters. Shaine lex also advises on settlement negotiation and alternative forms of dispute resolution.

In addition to traditional appellate litigation activities, the Appellate and Constitutional Law group provides a wide range of services on constitutional and related issues that include:

Formulating and briefing new legal arguments in the trial courts to ensure that legal arguments are developed and preserved for appeal Developing and advancing constitutional and policy arguments on proposed legislation and regulations
  • Managing complex litigation
  • Developing novel or complex legal theories, sometimes long before the suit is filed
  • Advising on possible constitutional challenges to statutes and the effects of regulations on proposed transactions or business plans
  • Counseling government entities, allowing them to anticipate legal challenges and to avoid needless litigation

Under this chapter we provide following legal services to our clients, namely:

  • Suits aimed at vindicating constitutional rights through money damages — for example, litigation against the police, prisons, schools, or government agencies — are sometimes called “constitutional torts” or “Section 1983 actions (named for the federal statute that creates the cause of action)

Our strong, high-profile and successful presence before the Court includes appearances on behalf of clients. Our group aims to win each case, but we also seek to address the root causes of your legal difficulties and, if possible, improve the legal, social and policy environments in which your rights will be decided..

What is Constitutional Law?

Constitutional Law is a very significant type of law that deals with the powers of the Constitution. It defines the powers of all the administrative bodies of a State that is the Legislature, the Executive, and the Judiciary.  The law also defines the basic rights of all the citizens of a country. The Constitution and the Constitutional Law are very important in the governance of any State. They maintain the law and order of any state. 

A Constitutional Litigation is the process of Litigating Constitutional cases in court. A constitutional case is where there is a question mark on the interpretation of the constitution. Such cases are mostly handled by the High Courts of respective states and the Supreme Court. A Constitutional Case is very delicate yet, very complicated and intricate. It often involves the rights of the parties involved. In Constitutional Cases, major judgements are made. 

When it comes to the interpretation of the Constitution, there is no other firm better than Shaine Lex Advisors LLP, the top-ranked Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata. 

Who are we?

We are Shaine Lex Advisors LLP.–a  Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata with a wide base of country wide clients that have faith in our world class services. Founded by Senior Advocate Mr. Rajesh Kshetry, Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. has achieved huge success in Constitutional Litigations over the years. Our clients have received maximum satisfaction from our victories.  Advocate Kshetry hosts a team of very efficient, experienced and professional constitutional litigators who are the strength of Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. We believe in services that are client oriented and flexible in order to adapt to the needs of our clients. Being the top-class Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata, Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. has established an environment that facilitates deeper understanding through communication and systematic interactions between clients and lawyers. Being a Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata, Shaine Lex and its lawyers have to indulge in daily study and analysis. With such requirements in mind, Shaine Lex encourages analysis and innovation. We at Shaine Lex believe that any logical interpretation needs to look at all the sides and every aspect in a detailed manner. We provide legal services to our clients and offer litigators to defend our client’s claims. When it comes to the reading of our Constitution, oftentimes we find the legal jargons too complicated. But with our highly knowledgeable lawyers and legal support team, you need not worry. Our team makes the constitution and its interpretations easy for you. Even more so, our team makes such interpretations work for you.

We have also been engaged with various committees and tribunals as well as the highest judicial platforms like the High Courts and Supreme Courts. Our team of professionals have in-depth knowledge of the articles and clauses of the Constitution and aims for effective and out-of-the-box solutions for all problems related to Constitutional Law. 


Our Team of highly experienced lawyers makes the Constitution speak for you. Remember the Constitution is your greatest power only when you rightly interpret it.


We at Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. believe in establishing a relationship with our most valuable clients. We believe that the root of every relationship lies in trust and dedication. Keeping this in mind, we value both your comfort and your trust in us. We strive to provide the most efficient advice. We are indeed the most trusted Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata.

Know the details regarding the concerned Constitutional Law and Litigation. Call us now to fix an appointment with our dedicated professionals. 

At Shaine Lex Advisors LLP, we ensure that your ground is strong and you are secured with our highly expert advice. 

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At Shaine Lex Advisors LLP., we believe in transparency. We believe that you can choose better when you are well informed about us and our client service process. When you go for an Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata, you need to be well-informed about the requirements and criteria of the same. At, we offer you a detailed analysis regarding the same. 

When you are stuck with the administration and regulation process, you can contact us, dedicated support team that is always available 24/7 will get in touch with you. You can also visit our office in person. 

When you are in search of the topmost Constitutional Litigation Law Firm in Kolkata that is both efficient and affordable, there is nothing better than Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. Founded by Senior most Advocate Mr. Rajesh Kshetry, it stands out with glory as the leading Law Firm in Kolkata.