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Shaine Lex Advisors LLP provides comprehensive legal service and advisory work on all type of commercial and banking transactions including:

  • Negotiations and documentation
  • Securitization and Hypothecation
  • Personal Loans
  • Secured loans
  • Vehicle loans/house loans
  • Mortgage
  • Interim orders under section 9 of Arbitration and conciliation Act
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Recovery suits under order XXXVII of CPC
  • OA before DRT
  • Matters before DRAT
  • Protection against taking possessions of the Mortgage
  • Proceedings before Recovery Officers appointed by DRT

We also advise to our clients on partnership, agency and distributorship arrangements, recovery and insolvency amongst others. We accomplished a very rich experience in dealing the matter relating to:

  • Complaints under section 138 of N.I. Act
  • Summary suit under Order XXXVII of CPC to be filled before Civil Court which includes Civil Judge, District Judge and High Court as the case may be depending upon pecuniary jurisdiction
  • Ordinary civil suit for recovery of money and damages
  • Representation before Arbitration Tribunal
  • Petitions u/s 9 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act
  • Petition u/s 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act
  • Insolvency procedure before NCLT under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act and Companies Act
  • Winding up petition before NCLT
  • Consumer Cases before District Consumer Court, State Consumer Commission and National Consumer Commission
  • Recovery proceeding under section 19 of RDDBFI Act, before Debt Recovery Tribunal
  • Debt recovery matters before DRT / DRAT under SARFAISI Act and RDDBFI

We have the expert Banking and Finance Team that are amongst the leading ones in the country. Our team possesses a deep understanding with regards to the needs of our clients. At Shaine Lex Advisors LLP, we value the needs of our clients above anything else. 

Shaine Lex Advisors LLP, founded by our chief Lawyer Mr. Rajesh Kshetry, has become the market leader by impaneling experienced lawyers and expert professionals. We have expertise in the areas of Finance, Acquisition Finance, Syndicated Lendings, and Structured Products. We have clients all across India ranging from Financial Institutions, Public and Private Sector Banks, Financial Institutions, multinationals, and Non-Banking Financial Companies or NBFCs. 

The importance of the financial market is increasing manifold over the years. Being one of the most advanced sectors in India, the financial sector is largely acquiring more value amongst the masses. 

Why seek our advice? 

As the Financial Market is at its peak, you need expert advice and guidance from the topmost Banking and Finance Law Firms in Kolkata at Shaine Lex Advisors LLP when you are dealing with the Financial Market. Advice from an experienced Finance Professional will make a difference in the way you transact in the financial sector. The decisions that have to be taken have to be both relevant and innovative. 

Shaine Lex Advisors LLP has a unique ability that facilitates growth. We at Shaine Lex Advisors LLP have expertise in  a variety of fields from support banking, cross-border financing requirements, and corporate requirements. 

For major corporations, we act as the most trusted legal advisor. We facilitate financing transactions, restructurings and finances that are based on asset structures. We assist our clients in structuring transactions that are completed and successful. 

We as the leading Banking and Finance Law Firm in Kolkata provide accurate, clear and far sighted financial advice. With greater clarity in our approach we provide services that are greatly client-oriented. 

What are our services?

Our advisory services include Banking Regulations, Disputes relating to the financing and securitisation arrangements, Recovery and enforcement proceedings, Debt restructuring, External Commercial Borrowings, and Structuring and documentation for security creation. We as the top-rated Banking & Finance Law Firm in Kolkata advise leading national and international banks, NBFCs, Financial Institutions and corporate houses. Our assignments include both lenders counsel as well as borrower’s counsel in a variety of transactions. 

Our major Projects:-

Our major projects have included the areas of infrastructure finance. Our project included major aspects from transport to energy. We advise all aspects of infrastructure finance from security arrangements to senior and subordinate lender rights.

We were amongst the few leading Banking & Finance Law Firms in Kolkata that were involved with many NBFCs and both domestic and international funds.Our assignment was involved with many real-estate projects in major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. 


What is Banking and Finance Law?

Banking and Finance Law  are laws that are complex in nature. They include laws related to banking transactions in bonds and securities and taxes. They also include laws related to corporate transactions primarily in stocks and debentures. These laws govern all such transactions and regulate the same. These laws include many such financial laws, contracts and likewise. 

Know the details regarding the concerned Banking and Finance Law that you are about to deal with. Call us now to fix an appointment with our dedicated professionals. 

At Shaine Lex Advisors LLP, we ensure that your ground is strong and you are safeguarded with our highly expert advice. 

Senior Advocate Rajesh Kshetrty’s Clients:-

His clientele includes Multinationals, large business houses, Corporate, Partnership Firms, Private Companies, Individuals, Government Enterprises, Financial Institutions, and start-ups amongst others. 

Know our process:-

At, we believe in transparency. We believe that you can choose better when you are well informed about us and our client-service processes. When you go for a Banking & Finance Law Firm in Kolkata, you need to be well-informed about the requirements and criteria of the same. At, we offer you a detailed analysis regarding the same. 

When you are stuck with the banking and finance process, you can contact us Our dedicated support team that is always available 24/7 will get in touch with you. 

You can also visit our office in person. (Location)

As you register with us with a minimum amount you get an appointment with Advocate Rajesh Kshetry. Next, you book your slot as per the availability. 

When you are in search of the topmost Banking & Finance Law Firm in Kolkata that is both efficient and affordable, there is nothing better than Shaine Lex Advisors LLP. Founded by Senior most Advocate Mr. Rajesh Kshetry, it stands out with glory as the leading Law Firm in Kolkata.